Life Groups

Life Groups

Life Groups are about being Disciples...In Community...On Mission.  We are learning to love Jesus, one another and our community.

Life Groups are the core of our adult discipleship at Chambers Creek. The Bible makes it clear that we were meant to grow in our faith by being in community with fellow believers. In a life group, groups of 4-7 families meet on a regular basis in host homes to study God's Word together, build strong relationships, and reach out to this community. 

We currently have 5 life groups located throughout the Grandview community. 


 Life Group Leaders:                                                  Date/Time:                            Child Care?               Contact:

Mike & Leona Thames                                                   Sundays (6:30-8:00)                 No                          817-866-2976

Wayne and Susan Poulson                                            Sundays (6:00-8:00)                 No                          817-517-4528

Michael & Judy Lehnhardt                                           Sundays (5:45-7:15)                   Yes                         512-674-5420

Jonathan Cherry (11-12th Graders)                            Tuesdays (6:30-8:00)               N/A                        817-995-4175       

Joe Drollinger/Bucky Kirkpatrick (10th Graders)   Wednesday (6:30-8:00)           N/A                        817-995-4175       

Matt Krnavek/Anthony Tollett  (9th Graders)         Wednesday (6:30-8:00)           N/A                        817-995-4175       


If you are interested in visiting a life group, please reach out to one of the Life Groups Leaders.